Friday, December 11, 2015

Be Well To Each Other

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It’s over.

After four years, and a few extra months on top, it’s finally over.

That statement sounds like a sigh of relief. ‘Jesus, it’s finally over. I can go do something else.’ But it’s not. Not exactly. I mean, yes, there is a sense of relief, but it only stems from finishing the story. The fact that I saw it through to the end, that I gave Dragomir’s Diary the conclusion I’d pictured for so damn long, is the relief. I planned and I schemed, and the result is to my satisfaction. (Mostly.)

But I’ll miss the writing. I’ll miss the characters. I’ll miss forcing myself to work on the plot in the wee hours of the night, only to forget fatigue and quickly get sucked into the world, time and time again. Thinking about a Dragomir entry was a pain; starting it was a pain; actually writing it was a joy. If it wasn’t a joy I would have stopped long ago.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed Dragomir’s Diary as much as I have. The conclusion is ambiguous - deliberately ambiguous, in most respects - but you can fill it in with your own happy ending. I hope you give the cast the respite they deserve, deep in the creative recesses of your own imagination.

If you want a happy ending, stop here. Imagine the credits sequence. It’s short, and it’s mostly my name over and over, but it’s accompanied by some lovely music. It’s the kind of sequence you would expect from a role-playing game, and Dragomir’s Diary is very much patterned after role-playing games.

Happy ending. 


As you may know.

Some role-playing games have multiple endings.